Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling Explained

Gambling addiction is a psychological state of the player characterized by a pathological dependence on games in their various manifestations.

A person can become addicted to computer games or gambling entertainment. It seems, well, what is so terrible about the fact that a person periodically plays an online poker? But one-time gatherings with friends at online poker tournaments have nothing to do with a pathological attraction to the game.

This guide was created so that every player can recognize the signs of gambling addiction in time and take appropriate measures.

Gambling Addiction

How to Recognize Gambling Addiction: Signs and Symptoms

Signs of gambling addiction do not appear immediately. To avoid being caught, players move away from their loved ones, begin to live a double life, hide, lie, and when the situation worsens, they begin to take loans and even steal. Among the most striking signs that you need to pay special attention to are:

– Lack of control. A person cannot stop either when they win (they want more) or when they lose (they need to win back).

– All thoughts are about the game. The addicted person constantly thinks about betting plans and comes up with strategies. Such people get very angry if something distracts them.

– High gaming activity. Difficulties may arise at work or in other social spheres.

– Lies related to the game. Addicts often lie to their relatives or friends to escape to slot machines.

– Sleep deprivation and panic attacks. This symptom is associated with the unstable emotional background of the addict.

Self-help in Case of Problem Gambling

The first and key step is to recognize and understand that you are facing a gambling problem. Not everyone can understand and accept this. Even if you have lost a huge amount of money and still cannot stop, do not despair.

If you are gambling to get rid of negative emotions, learn to relax in a different way. For example, you can play sports, spend more time with family and friends, try a new hobby, or learn to meditate.

Also, with signs of gambling addiction and a desire to get out of this situation, not asking for professional help, it is worth stocking up on patience and third-party support. So ask for help from relatives or friends.

Dealing with Cravings for Gambling

The desire to spend your free time gambling is quite normal. However, suppose you do not have the above symptoms. Once you realize that the situation is getting out of hand, you should make a choice in favour of healthier ways to spend your pastime, as well as enlist the support of loved ones.

If nevertheless, the craving for gambling persists and grows, it is worth taking the following steps:


Try not to stay alone for a long.


Postpone gambling first for 5 minutes, then for half an hour, then for an hour and so on.


Visualize and think about what would happen if you gamble again and lose money, disappointing your loved ones.


Get distracted by other things.

Professional Gambling Addiction Help

In Canada, as in other countries, there are a huge number of rehabilitation centers where addicted gamblers receive professional help. Such establishments use many modern methods to get rid of gambling addiction and cope with gambling problems.

If you failed to solve the problem of addiction on your own, then the best way is to turn to qualified professionals. This increases your chances of returning to a fulfilling life significantly.

Responsible Gambling Resources for Canadian Residents

Canadian gamblers have access to a number of online resources where they can get expert advice and assistance. If you face problem gambling issues, contact one of these online centers:

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